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Copenhagen Zoo Now Kills 4 Healthy Lions

Four lions killed to make room for one


The Copenhagen Zoo located in Denmark has killed four healthy lions to make room for one new lion.

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The Copenhagen Zoo says that two of the lions in the zoo were euthanized because they were older and bringing in the new lion would mark a generational shift. The other two lions that were euthanized were cubs. The zoo said that the two cubs were put down because they were too young to fend for themselves and would have been killed by the new lion, reports the Washington Post.

According to, the Copenhagen Zoo was unable to find new homes for the four lions that were put down. The four lions’ bodies will be used for research.

The Copenhagen Zoo came under fire for a similar act last month when it killed a healthy giraffe and fed it to lions. The giraffe was dissected in front of children before being fed to the lions. One zoo spokesman said he was proud that the zoo could give children a better understanding of giraffe anatomy with the display.

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