Kate Upton Warns Celeb Jihad Website Over Fake Topless Photo

by Christopher Freeburn | March 10, 2014 9:50 am

kate_upton--300x300[1]Supermodel Kate Upton is no stranger to seeing her image splashed across the Internet, but one website has apparently gone too far[2].

According to TMZ, lawyers for Kate Upton have sent a letter to Celeb Jihad, a prank website demanding the removal of photos that the site published under the heading “Kate Upton Naked Outtake from SI Swimsuit 2014.” The post contains a clearly-faked image of a topless Kate Upton.

Not only does the image purport to show Kate Upton topless, but the letter from the 21-year-old’s lawyers alleged that one of the images “has even been photoshopped.”

Kate Upton is threatening to take the website to court if the offending image isn’t removed.

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