Subway Test Mobile Ordering, Payment App

by William White | March 27, 2014 1:31 pm

Customers of select Subway locations in California have been ordering through the restaurant’s mobile app since March 2013[1].

subway-mobile-ordering[2]2,000 Subway locations in California currently allow users to order through the app. Roughly 400,000 customers use the app and are able to order and pick up subs without having to wait in line. The ordering app gives visual updates when customers add items to their sub and also lists drinks and chips that are available based on what location is being ordered from, reports Nation’s Restaurant News.

Subway is also currently working on a payment system that could be launched systemwide. The company is including the Subway mobile ordering app in these efforts, Nation’s Restaurant News notes.

Subway isn’t the only restaurant that is testing out a mobile ordering app. Starbucks (SBUX[3]) and Yum Brands’ (YUM[4]) Taco Bell are also working on mobile ordering apps[5] that are expected to be released later this year[6].

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