Taco Bell Socks Are Now a Thing

by Karl Utermohlen | March 18, 2014 4:14 pm

Taco Bell (YUM[1]) is taking the fast food game to another level with the Taco Bell socks.

The restaurant’s stockings[2] feature taco-patterned and burrito-patterned socks as well as an image of the chain’s Mexican pizza. This bold fashion statement is for consumers who are very serious about their chalupas.

The chain tweeted pictures of the Taco Bell socks along with a message that said, “This is not a drill.” Merchandising company The Hundreds is working with the restaurant to produce these socks.

Taco Bell’s Live Más store offers many other products featuring the chain’s logo. These include T-shirts, hats, onesies and rings.

YUM stock is slightly down Tuesday.

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