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Teen Sneaks Past Guards, Gets to Top of World Trade Center

The teen made it past four layers of security


Justin Casquejo, a New Jersey teenager, was able to sneak past guards and get to the top of the new World Trade Center.

Source: Flickr

Casquejo, 16, sneaked into the area surrounding the building through a whole in the fence. After this he rode the elevator to the 88th floor and took the stairs the rest of the way up, USA Today notes.

Casquejo managed to avoid a guard –who has been fired following the incident– on the 104th floor to make it to the top of the building. He was arrested near the top of the World Trade Center at 4 a.m. on Sunday and has been charged with misdemeanor trespassing, reports USA Today.

The teenager was able to slip past four layers of security at the World Trade Center and wasn’t arrested until he was discovered by a construction worker on his way back down the building.

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