Warning! Bad Xbox Live Behavior Will Be Punished

by Karl Utermohlen | March 27, 2014 3:01 pm

Microsoft (MSFT[1]) has warned that Xbox Live users who cheat or act in an unsportsmanlike way will be punished.

Xbox Live[2]
Source: Flickr[3]

The company will be using a traffic light system to help identify players[4] “to avoid.” Those with a red badge fall into that category while players with a yellow badge “need work’.

Most Xbox Live players will have a green badge next to their names which means “good.” Whereas players with a red badge will lose certain privileges, players with a green one will be rewarded in some way.

Microsoft has created an algorithm that monitors which players behave and which ones don’t based on the feedback they get. The algorithm protects Xbox Live players who haven’t been playing for long by not penalizing them if they’ve only been around for a few weeks.

Additionally, the algorithm adjusts for false reports from people who give negative feedback with the intention of hurting a player’s reputation.

MSFT stock is down about 0.7% Thursday.

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