Zynga to Launch 3 New Games in 2014

by William White | March 3, 2014 2:11 pm

Zynga (ZNGA[1]) has made plans to launch three new mobile games[2] in 2014.

znga-stock-zynga-new-games[3]The three new games being launched by Zynga include the following.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape will mark the first time that Zynga has made a FarmVille game specifically for mobile devices. The game will allow players to transfer goods between their mobile farms and web farms. It will also be playable offline, reports NBC News.

The new games are part of Zynga’s efforts to move from website and social media games to mobile games. This change is the company’s direction comes from its new CEO Don Mattrick. Mattrick moved to Zynga seven months ago and previously was a part of Microsoft’s (MSFT[4]) Xbox division, NBC News notes.

“We have hard work to do, but we’re making material progress each quarter,” Mattrick told VentureBeat[5].

ZNGA shares were up 2% as of Monday afternoon.

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