Dump These 10 Blue Chips Before Earnings

by Louis Navellier | April 1, 2014 11:45 am

Last week [1]I covered five of the top blue chip stocks in terms of analyst earnings revisions for first-quarter earnings. If you had a chance to read it, I hope you’ve considered what I said about analyst earnings revisions. When push comes to shove, I consider upward revisions to be a powerful indicator of earnings surprises.

The reverse is true as well: Downward earnings revisions are not a good sign because they oftentimes precede upsetting quarterly results. Lately, analysts have been taking a more pessimistic stance on several S&P 500 companies–this has dragged down the consensus estimate for the index in the current quarter.

I don’t want anyone to be caught unawares, so I’ve been running the numbers and have isolated 10 of these “slippery slope” stocks.

Take a look:

As I mentioned, there are two easy ways to check out how your holdings are perceived by the analyst community.

The first way is to use Portfolio Grader[22], which includes a letter grade for analyst earnings revisions. If you plug Apple (AAPL[23]) into my stock screening tool[24], you’ll see that it receives a C for earnings revisions.

There are also several financial news websites which provide the latest earnings estimates for free. I personally like looking at Yahoo! Finance’s analyst estimates page for each stock. Using AAPL as our example, you can see[25] that the consensus estimate has been moving around a bit–from $10.88 per share 90 days ago to $10.14 currently.

With these tools at your disposal, there’s no reason not to stay on top of your stocks leading up to first-quarter earnings season.

With April 7 fast approaching I strongly suggest you check up on your portfolio before then.

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