79 Ways to Refocus Your Earnings Season Investing Strategy

by Louis Navellier | April 15, 2014 8:56 am

It’s about time! After last week’s temper tantrum[1], it’s refreshing to see the market finally focus its attention on first-quarter earnings season. This is really where the best profit opportunities are to be found—not in the sensationalist one-liners and the bubble talk being thrown around by some bears in the financial media.

At the forefront was Citigroup’s (C[2]) earnings announcement, which I covered in the  Stock of the Day[3]. While I don’t currently recommend Citigroup shares for new money at this time, it’s encouraging to see that the bank beat estimates.

Today, things really heat up with several industry leaders reporting quarterly results: Charles Schwab (SCHW[4]), CSX (CSX[5]), Intel (INTC[6]), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ[7]), Coca Cola (KO[8]) and Yahoo! (YHOO[9]). Two of those stocks are currently in my Blue Chip Growth newsletter[10], so I’m banking on these earnings announcements helping to lift the overall market, just as Citigroup did today. Either way, you can bet that these companies will take center stage.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to fine-tune your portfolio so that you’re in the best position to profit this earnings season. And you can do just that by running any stock through Portfolio Grader[11].

I’ll get you started by reviewing the 79 big blue chips that were just upgraded and downgraded this week in Portfolio Grader. If you hold any of the stocks below, you may want to take note because they are making big moves.

Let’s take a look…


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