5 Cool Easter Basket Ideas From Pinterest

by Karl Utermohlen | April 11, 2014 2:32 pm

There are plenty of cool Easter basket ideas on Pinterest that everyone should check out.

Easter Basket Ideas[1]
Source: Wikipedia[2]

The spring holiday will take place on Sunday, April 20 this year and it will be celebrated by millions of Christians. Pinterest users created Easter baskets for boys, girls, men, women and more. Check out some of the best ones here.

Click on the next slide to read about beer-case Easter baskets for men.

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Easter Basket Ideas: For Men

Easter Basket Ideas[4]
Source: Keep Calm and Carry On[5]

The perfect Easter basket for men needs plenty of beer.

If you’re looking to impress your boyfriend, husband, father, son or friend, get them a beer-case basket. Plenty of Pinterest users have showcased their Easter baskets for men that contain beer, nuts, chocolate, deodorant, cologne, gum, iTunes gift cards and more.

Check out some of the best ones here[6].

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Easter Basket Ideas: For Women

Easter Basket Ideas[7]
Source: Wikipedia[8]

If you want to impress a woman, do so with a wine and chocolate[9] Easter basket.

The perfect basket for your lady needs plenty of wine and plenty of chocolate. We recommend including a variety of reds along with several flavors of high-end chocolates such as Godiva. And don’t forget the flowers!

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Easter Basket Ideas: For Frozen Fans

Easter Basket Ideas[10]
Source: deviantART[11]

If you’re looking to impress a fan of the hit animated film Frozen this Easter, look no further.

Check out this incredible Frozen basket[12] which features white and sky blue eggs and tons of chocolate to get you in the Easter spirit. Additionally, the basket includes an Elsa figurine and the DVD for the Disney classic.

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Easter Basket Ideas: For Teen Girls

Easter Basket Ideas[13]
Source: Wikipedia[14]

There are plenty of gifts you can give a teenage girl.

For Easter, consider a makeup basket which includes all the essentials in cosmetics for teenage girls. This particular basket[15] also includes Lindor chocolates, Altoids and plenty of class.

Read about what to give boys on the next slide.

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Easter Basket Ideas: For Boys

Easter Basket Ideas[16]
Source: Wikipedia[17]

It’s no surprise that boys love to play sports.

Check out some of these Easter basket[18]s which contain baseballs, baseball cards and plenty of chocolate. If your kid prefers another sport, simply customize your basket for your boy and he will be forever grateful.

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