Scientists: Tests Show ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Is Not a Modern Forgery

by William White | April 11, 2014 11:31 am

Scientist have conducted test on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and have determined that it is not a modern forgery[1].

Source: Flickr[3]

According to scientist, radiocarbon dating and a microspectroscopy confirmed that the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is from 659 A.D. to 859 A.D. The document mentions Jesus’ wife, mother and a female disciple. The document is written in Coptic and is believed to have comes from Egypt. The author of the document is unknown, reports The New York Daily News.

Leo Depuydt, a Brown University professor, isn’t buying it. Depuydt cites fatal grammatical errors, the quality of ink, how old the document is and the fact that the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is too similar to the Gospel of Thomas as reasons for it being a fake, the Washington Post[4] notes.

It’s important to note that the test conducted do not prove that Jesus had a wife. Instead, the testing shows that the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife isn’t a modern fake and gives an idea as to what era is comes from.

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