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Mean Mower: Honda Claims Title for Fastest Lawn Mower at 116 MPH

Honda Motors (HMC) has set a new record for the fastest lawn mower with its custom-built “Mean Mower.”

mean-mower-fastest-lawn-mower-honda-hmc-stockThe Mean Mower broke the previous Guinness record of 96.53 mph and set the new record at 116.57 mph at a track in Spain. The custom lawn mower is made up of a 1.0-liter engine from a Honda motorcycle, a six-speed transmission, racing seat, high performance ATV tires, the steering rack from a Morris Minor automobile and a fiber glass mowing deck, reports Fox News.

The Mean Mower not only goes fast, it also mows fast. The law mower can cut grass at 15 mph, which is twice as fast as the version of the mower that is available to the public, Fox News notes.

Piers Ward, a writer for Top Gear, was behind the wheel of the Mean Mower when the new record was set. He said that there were no issues with wobbling and that the ride was very stable, reports Wired.

Check out a video of the Mean Mower below.

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