Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Recall: What Consumers Should Know

by Burke Speaker | April 21, 2014 10:22 am

Kraft Foods Group (KRFT[1]) is apologizing after an Oscar Mayer hot dog recall that is affecting some 96,00 pounds of hot dogs.

Kraft (NYSE:KRFT)[2]The US Department of Agriculture said that Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners packages may contain cheese dogs, but the packaging doesn’t alert consumers that they contain milk.

According to the department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service the product labels “do not reflect the ingredients associated with the pasteurized cheese in the cheese dogs.”

The Classic Wieners are not supposed to contain cheese, though its Classic Cheese dogs do. Kraft said the packaging labels were mixed up.

A customer alerted Kraft on April 18 and the Department of Agriculture was notified the following day, according to Kraft.

Kraft said that the 16-ounce packages were distributed throughout the United States with a packaging date of March 2 and March 3.

The cheese dogs contain milk — a known allergen — though the company and the USDA said it had not heard of any adverse reactions.

The labels on the 16-oz. packages read “Classic Wieners Made with Turkey & Chicken, Pork Added” and a product code of “044700000632.”

The have the establishment number “Est. 537H” inside the USDA  inspection mark.

Consumers should contact Kraft Consumer Relations at (855) 688-4386 about recall questions.

KRFT stock is up 5% year to date.

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