PEP: Pepsi to Launch 3 New ‘Real Sugar’ Colas

by Christopher Freeburn | April 9, 2014 9:27 am

In a bid to entice consumers with natural tastes, Pepsico’s (PEP[1]) will launch three new version of Pepsi soda featuring real sugar[2].

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“Pepsi Made with Real Sugar,” “Pepsi Wild Cherry Made with Real Sugar” and “Pepsi Vanilla Made with Real Sugar” all ditch high fructose corn syrup in favor of actual sugar. Many health advocates have blamed high fructose corn syrup for adding to Americans’ growing obesity epidemic. PEP is likely hoping that promoting real sugar as an ingredient will attract consumers wary of high fructose corn syrup, USA TODAY notes.

Concerns over the ingredients in popular sodas aren’t limited to high fructose corn syrup. In January, Consumer Reports found that 12-ounce servings of Pepsi One purchased in California contained levels of a chemical called 4-methylimidazole[5], used to give the soda its caramel coloring, high enough to require a warning label under state law. 4-methylimidazole has come under scrutiny from the World Health Organization as a possible carcinogen.

Both PEP and Coca-Cola (KO[6]) have promised to remove 4-methylimidazole[7] from their products.

PEP stock was flat in Wednesday pre-market trading. Over the past 12 months, PEP stock has gained about 5%.

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