Trip Around the World Planned in Solar-Powered Airplane

by Karl Utermohlen | April 9, 2014 5:05 pm

A solar-powered airplane will fly around the world next year.

Solar-Powered Airplane[1]
Source: Wikipedia[2]

The Solar Impulse 2 runs solely[3] on solar energy and it will fly around the world between April and July 2015. The solar-powered airplane will be operated by co-founders and pilots Betrand Piccard and Andre Borschber who announced it at a press event at Payerne Air Force Base in Switzerland.

The trip will be done in four- to six-day shifts, taking a total of about 20 days that will be spread out over these months. The solar-powered airplane weighs 2 tons and has 72 meter-long wings which are 15% wider than the Solar Impulse 1 wings.

The Solar Impulse 1 is another solar-powered airplane which flew across the United States last summer and across Europe to Morocco in 2012.

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