Squirrel Causes $300K Building Damage to New Community Center

by William White | April 14, 2014 2:09 pm

A single squirrel has caused around $300,000[1] in damage to a Fort Wayne, Ind., community center.

squirrel-building-damage[2]The squirrel, which died during the incident, found its way into the building’s electrical equipment and caused a power surge that damage the heating system, air condition system and some parts of the boiler system. Officials say that insurance will cover most of the damage, but that there is still the $50,000 deductible, reports the Associated Press.

Officials are working to have the repairs made to the community center so that it can be ready for its grand opening in June, the Associated Press notes.

Other squirrels that have caused trouble in the news include one that got into a Dollar General (DG[3]) and was pepper sprayed an shot by a cop and another that shut down a Los Angeles campground when it was discovered that it was carrying the Black Death plague, reports Newsmax[4].

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