Hot Sauce Hubbub: Smelly Sriracha Factory Declared Public Nuisance

by William White | April 10, 2014 10:41 am

The City Council of Irwindale, Calif., has deemed a Sriracha hot-sauce plant a public nuisance[1].

sriracha[2]The issue that Irwindale has with the Sriracha plant is that the smell coming from it can burn residents’ eyes and throats at certain parts of the day. The plant promised to have a plan of action for removing the smell to the city within 10 days, but that wasn’t quick enough. The City Council voted 4 to 0 against the plant and it wants the smell gone, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The City Council is expected to come up with a solution to the smell at its next meeting. If it does, the Sriracha plant will have 90 days to implement the changes. If the changes aren’t made in those 90 days, the city will have the right to makes the changes to the plant itself and charge the plant for it, the L.A. Times notes.

Huy Fong Foods, the owner of the Sriracha plant, moved to Irwindale two years ago after it outgrew its plant in Rosemead, Calif. There are roughly 1,400 residents living in Irwindale, reports Fox News[3].

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