T-Mobile Offers Customers Free Data for Their Tablets

by Karl Utermohlen | April 10, 2014 10:04 pm

T-Mobile (TMUS[1]) is looking to attract more consumers by expanding its free data plan for owners of LTE tablets.

T-Mobile[2]Starting Saturday, LTE tablet owners will enjoy[3] 1.2GBs of free data instead of the current total of 200MBs. Additionally, T-Mobile is selling its 4G tablets for the same price as the Wi-Fi only LTE devices.

The promotion is quite impressive when you consider that Wi-Fi only tablets are usually $100 to $130 cheaper than their radio equivalents.

The T-Mobile deal lasts through the rest of the year. Free data plans will revert to 200MB next year.

TMUS stock is down about 2.7% Thursday.

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