Pranks Gone Bad: Teen Tweets Terror Threat to American Airlines

by William White | April 14, 2014 12:28 pm

A 14-year-old girl[1] freaked out after sending a terror threat to American Airlines (AAL[2]) and getting a response.

teen-tweets-terror-threat-american-airlines-aal-stock[3]The terror threat made by the girl, who identified herself as Sarah, was made via Twitter (TWTR[4]). In the Tweet, the girl told American Airlines that she was from Afghanistan, was a member of Al Qaida and that she was going to do “something really big” on June 1. American Airlines responded to the Tweet by telling the girl that it takes threats seriously and that her IP address and other details had been forwarded to the FBI, reports The Detroit Free Press.

Following American Airlines’ response, the girl started to have what is being called a “social media meltdown.” Sarah started posting several Tweets about being scared and that she was just joking. One of the Tweets even had her blaming a friend for the terror threat. American Airlines has since removed its response to Sarah, The Detroit Free Press notes.

Following the terror threat, Sarah saw her Twitter followers jump to 30,000. She has changed the name of her account and a new fake account using her old name has been set up, reports the Irish Independent[5].

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