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The History of April Fools Day

No one knows the exact origin of the holiday


April Fools Day is upon us and it inspires us here at Investorplace to take a look at the history of this goofy holiday.

the-history-of-april-fools-dayAccording to, no one knows the exact origin of April Fools Day. Some theorize that the holiday is the result of the switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. This theory claims that those who clung to the old calender system were made fun of by those using the new calender system.

Another theory is that April Fools Day came about due to the constantly changing weather around the time of the holiday. The theory claims that people were often fooled by the extreme changes in weather and believed that the new season was upon them before it actually was, notes.

The Daily Press states that April Fools Day was popularized in England way back on April, 1 1700.

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