The Top Destinations in 2014

by Burke Speaker | April 11, 2014 9:12 am

Retirement means the freedom of travel — and if you’re thinking of vacationing this year, take note of these destinations ranked Top Destinations in 2014 by TripAdvisor readers.

prague[1]TripAdvisor listed the Top 25 destinations for 2014[2] — from Morocco to Buenos Aires.

Here, we list the Top 5 destinations on that list, with our own advice on what makes these treks so worthwhile.

Check them out.

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No. 5 Top Destination in 2014: Prague, Czech Republic[4]

prague[1]Three things you won’t want to miss in Prague: The beer, the jewelry, the dazzlingly gothic public squares at night. Starting the list, Prague is like an Old World fairy tale city come to life. Wander the cobblestone streets as merchants entice you with stunning hand-crafted jewelry, visit the historic castle and landmarks, or simply pop into a tavern for Prague’s famed beers.

A blend of European charm and bohemian living, Prague is steeped in history, culture and magic.

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No. 4 Top Destination in 2014: Beijing, China[5]

beijing[6]Beijing is more than just the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Great Wall. The metropolis pulses with activity, action, and culture — with history at seemingly every turn. Beijing has your requisite markets — the Silk Market is everything it’s touted to be — plus grand gardens that landscape the city.

Take in the culture and history at the numerous palaces and walk the Great Wall — but don’t forget to simply wander through Beijing to take in a true Chinese experience.

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No. 3 Top Destination in 2014: London, United Kingdom[7]

london[8]Brits are abuzz this year with the public appearances of baby Prince George so get in on the royal excitement. While a royal tour through London you’ll catch sights of the Buckingham Palace, London’s famed museums, pubs, and restaurants are all a central part to understanding — and loving — London.

Visit the Tate Modern, take your pic with Big Ben, and be certain you experience a pint or two while catching a game at a corner pub.

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No. 2 Top Destination in 2014: Rome, Italy[9]

rome[10]If not at the top of your list, it should certainly be a close second. Rome is one of the world’s most breathtaking cities — full of endlessly beautiful architecture, historical sites galore, and romantic views that will make you fall in love all over again.

From the Colosseum and the Pantheon, to simply sitting in a piazza eating some gelato or homemade pasta, Rome offers an experience unlike any other.

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No. 1 Top Destination in 2014: Istanbul, Turkey[11]

istanbul[12]A wildly fantastic blend of East and West, Istanbul offers a glimpse into a heavily religious — yet still secular — country with a storied history flows through the city’s bloodstream. Tour the city’s revered Blue Mosque and hauntingly beautiful Hagia Sophia, haggle at the Grand Bazaar and load up on delicious foodie items at the Spice Market. While the European side of the city holds most of the tourist attractions, take a boat tour to the Asian side for a cultural experience you’ll never forget.

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