VIDEO: Topless Woman in Thong Trashes Florida McDonald’s

by William White | April 9, 2014 10:58 am

A topless woman wearing only a thong[1] trashed a McDonald’s (MCD[2]) in Pinellas Park, Fla., on March 24.

Source: Flickr[4]

The topples woman that went on a rampage in the McDonald’s was Sandra Suarez. Suarez, 41, was arrested by police and charged with  criminal mischief and resisting arrest. She spent five days in jail before she was released on a $7,000 bond. Suarez claims that she is bipolar and that she doesn’t remember the incident, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Eric Stevens, the manager of the McDonald’s where the topless woman went on a rampage, has been fired for leaking footage of the event. The footage was captured on the store’s security cameras and he showed it to some of his employees. He said he didn’t know that they would post the footage to, the Atlanta Journal Constitution notes.

“The situation leading to this woman’s arrest was, at the time, surprising to all involved,” Juan Illas, the owner/operator of the McDonald’s, told WSAV-TV[5]. “However, the posting of the video was without authorization and inconsistent with my values and how we operate our restaurant.”

Check out the video of the topless woman’s rampage below.

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