Rare Technical Occurrence Suggests Shorting Under Armour

by Sam Collins | April 10, 2014 1:58 am

Under Armour (UA[1]) — This athletic apparel maker, with a P/E north of 70, rebounded from a low of $100.65 on Monday. But it is rebounding from a head-and-shoulders bearish breakdown, which had a downside target of $100. And that head-and-shoulders pattern is within a bearish horn — a very unusual negative development.

In the past five trading sessions, downside volume has been almost twice upside volume, and the MACD indicator is in bearish territory. Note the open gap made in January from $87.53 to $96, another negative, and a target for short-sellers. 

UA was discovered as a short-sale candidate by our Profit Scanner[2] system, which has a downside target of $79-$83. Short selling is a speculative technique. Check with your broker for any special requirements and protect your trade with a stop-loss order.

UA Chart
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