US Airways Tweet: X-Rated Twitter Mistake Will Live in Infamy

by William White | April 15, 2014 12:15 pm

US Airways (LCC[1]) shocked its 420,000 followers[2] on Twitter (TWTR[3]) when it responded to a customer complaint with a pornographic image on Monday.

us-airways-tweet-lcc-stock[4]The inappropriate photo was first shared on Twitter when US Airways responded to a customer complaint about being on the tarmac for too long and being late to her destination. The airline responded with a link that was probably suppose to be lead the customer to its customer service page, but it didn’t, reports The Chicago Tribune.

The US Airways Tweet led the customer to a picture of a naked woman with a model Boeing (BA[5]) 777 jet that had landed in a place it was never meant to be.

US Airways has removed the image from its Twitter and has issued an apology for the incident. According to the airline, the image was posted by another user and it had marked it as inappropriate. Unfortunately, marking the image is what resulted in it accidentally being shared, The Tribune notes.

Twitter users have been having fun[6] at US Airways expense over the unsafe image.

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