Jewish Holidays 2014: When Is Passover?

by William White | April 14, 2014 9:48 am

The Jewish holiday of Passover begins Monday night at sunset[1].

Source: Wikipedia[3]

Passover is the Jewish holiday when Jews remember and celebrate their escape from Egypt. The holiday last for eight days and it is used to teach kids about what their ancestors went through to become free from slavery. The holiday also serves as a reminder to Jews that they need to stand up for oppressed people. During Passover, Jews will restrict themselves from eating leavened foods, reports Citizen Times.

Passover also calls for Jews to remove all leavened foods from their home. This includes bread, beer, pizza, bagels and many other foods. Jews have many options for removing these items from their homes; some burn the food, some eat all it before the holiday starts and others sell the food. Those who sell the food buy it back after the holiday has ended. Doing it this way allows the Jews to keep the food in their home without breaking the restrictions of Passover, The Baltimore Sun[4] notes.

Popular meals eaten by Jewish people during Passover include Maror, Karpas, Chazeres, Z’roa, Beitzah, Charoses and Matzah, reports Citizen Times.

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