2014 NFL Draft Highlights: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

by William White | May 9, 2014 2:45 pm

The 2014 NFL Draft saw some interesting picks[1], including Green Bay grabbing Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

NFL185[2]Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was selected by Green Bay in its 21st overall pick. Prior to coming to Green Bay, he played for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. He played his first season as a full-time starter in 2013 and had 51 tackles and two interceptions, reports ABC News.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s real name is Ha’Sean. He got the nickname Ha Ha from his grandmother when he was three years old. This didn’t stop people from poking fun at the NFL player for his name. Twitter (TWTR) was alive with people posting images of Nelson, a character from The Simpsons, pointing and saying his iconic “Ha Ha” laugh, USA Today[3] notes.

Other surprises during the 2014 NFl draft picks included Blake Bortles as the first quarterback picked[4], Marqise Lee not getting picked in the first round and more.

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