5 Worst Sectors to Avoid This Week

by Portfolio Grader | May 27, 2014 10:15 am

For the week, the worst sectors according to Portfolio Grader[1] are the reit, water utilities, independent power and renewable electricity producers, metals and mining and energy services sectors.

With 80% of its stocks (127 out of 159) rated “sell,” the reit sector is struggling this week. Hatteras Financial (HTS[2]), DDR Corp. (DDR[3]) and Health Care REIT, Inc. (HCN[4]) are dragging down the sector overall, each earning a low grade of F.

The water utilities sector looks weak, with 67% of its stocks (4 out of 6) rated a “sell”. Out of the water utilities stocks, Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo SABESP Sponsored ADR (SBS[5]), SJW Corp. (SJW[6]) and Aqua America, Inc. (WTR[7]) are near the bottom with D’s.

The independent power and renewable electricity producers sector is trailing behind others this week, with 67% of its stocks (6 out of 9) rated a “sell”. TransAlta Corporation (TAC[8]), Empresa Nacional de Electricidad S.A. Sponsored ADR (EOC[9]) and Calpine Corporation (CPN[10]) are all currently earning F’s.

The metals and mining sector is dragging, with 66% of its stocks (61 out of 92) rated a “sell”. With an overall grade of F, Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM[11]), Gold Fields Limited Sponsored ADR (GFI[12]) and Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. Class A (SCHN[13]) are weighing down the sector.

The energy services sector is lagging this week with 60% of its stocks (38 out of 63) rated a “sell”. Among energy services stocks, McDermott International, Inc. (MDR[14]), ION Geophysical Corporation (IO[15]) and Tidewater (TDW[16]) are lingering near the bottom with grades of F.

Louis Navellier’s proprietary Portfolio Grader[1] stock ranking system assesses roughly 5,000 companies every week based on a number of fundamental and quantitative measures. Stocks are given a letter grade based on their results — with A being “strong buy,” and F being “strong sell.” Explore the tool here[17].

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