Gaming News: Dying Light Delayed Until 2015

by Christopher Freeburn | May 9, 2014 12:37 pm

Video game fans will have to check their anticipation[1] for new zombie apocalypse game Dying Light.

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The open-world zombie game won’t be released until February 2015. The announcement comes from Techland studio, which is developing the title. Dying Light was originally set to hit store shelves this year, GameSpot notes.

Dying Light is being developed for a variety of video consoles, including Sony’s (SNE)[4] PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, as well as Microsoft’s (MSFT[5]) Xbox One and Xbox 360. Dying Light will also be available for personal computer gaming.

With Dying Light delayed until next year, Techland says it can complete improvements to the game without “compromises or trade-offs on any of the five platforms we’re working on.”

Despite the Dying Light delay, the game will be previewed at the upcoming E3 conference.

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