MMO Games: WildStar Open Beta Launches

by William White | May 9, 2014 3:19 pm

WildStar, an upcoming massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, has entered it’s open beta[1].

Source: Wikipedia[3]

WildStar entered its open beta on Thursday and it will last until May 18. This give beta players 10 days to experience the game before it hits shelves on May 19.

When it’s released, WildStar will cost $60[4] for the normal version and $75 for the deluxe addition. Players will also have to pay a $15 monthly subscription fee.

Stephan Frost, the producer of WildStar, defended the subscription fee in a recent interview with IGN[5]. According to Frost, a subscription fee for this game is justified because it’s a triple-A title. He also said that the games has a lot of content right out of the box and that more will be added every month.

WildStar will have to prove itself as a worthwhile MMO if it wants to charge players for a subscription fee. Some titles still have these fees, such as World of Warcraft, but many have moved on to a free-to-play model. Included in these are titles that had subscription fees at first –Everquest II and Star Wars: The Old Republic– but later removed them for a free-to-play model. Some of these games still have subscriptions and allow paying players to access more content –new areas, additional quests and more– in the game.

There are other games that have never had subscription fees, such as Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends. In these games, almost everything can be earned or bought with in-game money and there are little to no restrictions on where the players can go or what they can do in the game.

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