Square Pulls Wallet App From Google, Apple Stores

by William White | May 12, 2014 2:06 pm

Square has given up[1] on its Wallet app and has pulled it from Google (GOOG[2]) and Apple (AAPL[3]) stores.

square-wallet-app-aapl-goog[4]The Square Wallet app allowed customers to pay for their food at restaurants and coffee shops. The app worked by letting customers save their payment information to the app and then signing into the store they were at through the app. When the customer went to pay, all they would have to do is tell the cashier their name, reports Re/code.

Now Square has launched a new app to replace the Wallet app. This new app, called Square Order, lets customer place orders and and pick them up when they get to the location. The hope is that people will use Square Order in an effort to avoid lines, Re/code notes.

“We’re taking everything we learned from Wallet and what people love in Wallet and building it into Square Order,” a Square spokesperson told The San Francisco Chronicle[5]. “We think it’s an even better experience that offers buyers more utility.”

Square will continue to support its Wallet app for those who already have it downloaded, reports Re/code.

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