Trade of the Day: Facebook (FB)

by Profit Scanner | May 27, 2014 10:09 am

After a precipitous drop from around $72 in March to the $60 range in recent days, traders wondered if they should unfriend Facebook (FB). But recent rumors that the social media stock will add new capabilities[1] to rival Snapchat have renewed interest in FB stock. Does the technical analysis support a continued move up or will the bullish camp snap out of it?

Starting May 19, Profit Scanner powered by Recognia identified that Facebook put in a series of short- and intermediate-term bullish signals including the following:

The most recent intermediate-term classic pattern, the Bullish Continuation Wedge[2], carries an upside target for Facebook stock of $74.00 to $77.00, which is expected to resolve in 49 trading days.


Resistance for Facebook stock resides at $67.33, so traders with long positions may look to take partial profits at that level if the stock appears to sputter.

It’s always prudent to start with a stop-loss in mind before initiating any positions, and Profit Scanner has pegged a closed below $58.34 as a tight stop based on the technical.

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