Don’t Hold Your Breath for an Xbox Handheld Console

by William White | May 6, 2014 12:18 pm

Gamers that dream of playing games on an Xbox handheld console[1] better find something else to dream about.

xbox-handheld-msft[2]Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s (MSFT[3]) Xbox division, answered questions from Xbox fans on Twitter (TWTR[4]) on Sunday. During his conversation with fans, one person asked if they could expect to see an Xbox handheld at E3 or sometime in the future. Spencer responded with “I don’t think we’ll do a dedicated handheld gaming device,” reports Engadget.

Instead of working on an Xbox handheld, Spencer said the company would continue to focus on Windows Phone and tablets. He mentioned that it’s possible tablets and phones could get controller support sometime in the future, Engadget notes.

Microsoft may not be interested in entering the handheld market due to how many options already exist in it. Nintendo (NTDOY[5]) and Sony (SNE[6]) both already have handheld consoles. Smartphones and tablets also have a stake in handheld gaming. This could make it difficult to introduce an Xbox handheld console.

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