Yelp Will Let Users Upload Video Reviews

by Karl Utermohlen | May 22, 2014 3:15 pm

Yelp (YELP[1]) is rolling out a video reviews[2] feature for users who are truly passionate about a certain place.

Yelp[3]The website will allow users to upload clips between three and 12 seconds long. The company’s video reviews feature will only be available to “Elite” Yelp users at first but it will eventually expand to include all users.

“Elite” users will have access to video reviews sometime in early June and it will help capture the essence of a nice restaurant or a trendy store. “It will be a reward for businesses that go to great lengths to achieve a certain ambiance, whether by having a certain lighting or the music at just the right level,” Yelp’s mobile product manager Madhu Prabaker said.

Yelp will also use photo-filtering technology to ensure that no inappropriate material is posted. Users can use a photo and a caption along with the video when posting it online.

YELP stock is up about 6.3% Thursday.

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