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Study: 3-Day Fast Can Regenerate Entire Immune System

The process works by breaking down damaged white blood cells


A new study has found that a 3-day fast can regenerate the entire immune system.

The study was conducted by a group of scientist from the University of Southern California. The study had several people fast for two to four days regularly during a six-month period. The researchers were surprised by the results from the 3-day fast, reports Business Insider.

The 3-day fast works by forcing the body to use its storage of glucose and fat. It also makes the body get rid of some white blood cells. Specifically, the body gets rid of damaged white blood cells during the fast. This causes a person’s white blood cell count to decrease a lot, but once the person eats again, the blood cells return in full power, reports Business Insider.

“We and others are currently testing the effect of fasting-mimicking diets on the protection of patients against chemotherapy’s side effects, and we’re also testing the role of multiple cycles of a fasting-mimicking diet on the immune system in generally healthy middle-aged and elderly subjects,” Doctor Valter Longo, of the University of Southern California, told American Live Wire.

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