Big Change Coming to the United Frequent Flier Program

by Christopher Freeburn | June 10, 2014 12:03 pm

Customers who use United Airlines (UAL[1]) United Frequent Flier Program are about to get a surprise[2].

United Airlines[3]

Starting next year, UAL will base award miles issued under its United Frequent Flier Program on the amount of money a customer spends flying with the airline, instead of the number of miles flown. The change, which copies a recent similar shift from Delta Air Lines (DAL[4]), will be implemented on Mar. 1, 2015, the Chicago Tribune notes.

The United Frequent Flier Program will also allow members to redeem award miles through single-flight purchases of extra legroom and subscriptions for extra legroom and checked baggage.

UAL is looking to give rewards to its most profitable fliers, mostly corporate fliers. The shift in United Frequent Flier Program reward calculations will  include flights on United, United Express and most United-issued tickets.

Rewards in the United Frequent Flier Program will be based on the amount of fares paid by a passenger plus carrier-imposed surcharges. Taxes and airport charges will not be included.

UAL stock fell almost 1% in Tuesday morning trading.

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