EPA Cuts Down on All the Hot Air – Morning Linkfest (June 10)

by Aaron Levitt | June 10, 2014 9:10 am

The climate debate rages on in the news, and nothing gets people more fired-up than discussing whether the world’s climate is changing at the hands of human beings. Regardless, the EPA has moved forward with a series of regulations limiting the amount of carbon utilities can pump out. They bill is a whopping 360 pages long and has investment implications throughout. But you don’t have to read the whole thing. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Ethan Zindler spells it all out in this short video[1].

Truthout (Dean Baker): We’re going to lose some coal miner jobs as this bill goes through. Believe it or not, that probably matters more than the millions of jobs lost through trade[2].

Greentech Media (Martin LaMonica): Maybe utilities should be more like your cable or internet provider. Customized services and bundles are on their way[3].

Pando Daily (Nathaniel Mott): Maybe you could pay your upcoming customized utility bill with your Amazon (AMZN[4]) account. AMZN moves into the payments business[5].

The Wall Street Journal (Jason Chow): You know who has no problems paying their bills? Millionaires. Over in China, the ranks of newly minted millionaires are growing[6].

The New York Times (Ravi Somaiya): That was fast. Time Warner (TWX[7]) didn’t waste any time after its spin-out of Time (TIME[8]) to start making deals. TWX makes a bid for Vice Media[9].

Quartz (Leo Mirani): Moore’s Law? Ha! The internet of things will change that for semiconductor stocks[10].

Humble Students Of The Market (Cam Hui): Are stocks expensive or cheap? Yes, they are[11].

FT Alphaville (Cardiff Garcia): Why do we have so much student loan debt, and what’s going to happen[12]?

Time (Maya Rhodan): Look at me! Look at me! Rapper Lil Kim names her new daughter Royal Reign[13].

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