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5,000+ Developers Interested in Creating Apps for Google Nest

Google opens Nest up to developers


Over 5,000 developers are interested in creating apps that work with products made by Google Nest.

google-nest-apps-googGoogle Nest creates smart home products, such as thermostats, that link up to various devices. Google is going to allow developers to start making apps for these products. These app may be able to work in conjunction with other products that Nest is working with, such as Whirlpool washers and dryers and garage-door openers, reports Reuters.

If all of these products can come together under Google Nest, then that means developers could potentially create apps to help regulate all of them. An example of this would be the garage door communicating with the thermostat to let it know when everyone has left the home. After learning about this, the thermostat could them turn off the heat or air conditioner to save energy, Reuters notes.

“I don’t care how big your company is, you don’t have as big an army as the app development community,” Tom Kerber, the director of home controls and energy research at Parks Associates, told The Wall Street Journal. “Opening it up and allowing app developers to innovate for you allows the platform to be much more powerful.”

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