Housing, Housing & More Housing On Tap – Morning Linkfest (June 22)

by Aaron Levitt | June 23, 2014 9:13 am

If you could blame the Great Recession on just one thing, it would have to be housing. Bad real estate loans, overpriced homes, and various CDOs, CLOs and other alphabet-soup securities basically caused one of the worst financial disasters in U.S. history. And there’s lots of debate over the health of the current housing situation. But even more menacing is what could lie in the future — say when the vast majority of baby boomers start retiring. However, according to Megan McArdle at Bloomberg View, we still have plenty of time before we need to worry about the boomer housing bust[1].

CNBC (Alex Rosenberg): Investors may not want to celebrate just yet, though. There’s lots of housing related-date coming at you this week. Most of it is bad news bears.

Business Insider (Mamta Badkar): You would be surprised to see who is actually living the “American Dream” and buying our current housing stock. Hint — they aren’t from around here.

The Motley Fool (Matthew Frankel): Perhaps we need a new dose of subprime loans to really spur the housing market forward.

Iowa Press Citizen (Roxana Hegeman): You know where the housing market is booming? Check your local University or Liberal Arts College.

The Telegraph (Tony Paradiso): Another housing market could sink another economy as the country begins to follow our footsteps from 2007 and 2008. Any guesses?

ETF.com (Cinthia Murphy): The Fed doesn’t get the “new normal” according to Bill Gross. That includes a bunch of housing-related issues.

SFGate (Julian Guthrie): Real estate moguls have interesting hobbies. Online housing website Trulia (TRLA[2]) founder and his wife are rowing across the Pacific Ocean.

Investing.com (Kukil Bora): Merger Monday lives! The real Tony Stark keeps opening his wallet: Oracle (ORCL[3]) buys Micros Systems (MCRS[4]) for a cool $5 billion.

TechCrunch (John Biggs): Ever get hit by a car while riding your bike? Well, one company wants to make sure that never happens again. Get ready for 105 decibels of noise and 110 lumens of light coming at you, SUV-driving soccer moms.

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