Hidden Pablo Picasso Portrait Found Under Famous Painting

The painting shows a man with a bow tie

By William White, InvestorPlace Writer


A hidden painting was discovered underneath Pablo Picasso’s The Blue Room.

Source: Wikipedia

The hidden Pablo Picasso painting was first discovered in the 1990’s when an x-ray showed a blurry image of something underneath the painting. At the time, it wasn’t know what this something was. However, due to infrared scans, art conservators were able to see a clear image of a bearded man wearing a bow tie and leaning on his hand, reports the Associated Press.

It’s unknown who the man in this painting is. Art experts have ruled out that it’s a self portrait of Pablo Picasso. Experts are hoping to be able to get a clear enough scan of the hidden painting of the man with the bow tie so that they can make a digital recreation, the Associated Press notes.

This isn’t the first time that a hidden painting has been discovered under one of Pablo Picasso;s works. Hidden images have also been discovered under La Vie and Woman Ironing.

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