PPC, HSH: Pilgrim’s Pride Boosts Hillshire Bid

by Christopher Freeburn | June 3, 2014 9:57 am

Shares of Hillshire Brands (HSH[1]) surged almost 9% in Tuesday morning trading after Pilgrim’s Pride (PPC[2]) increased its takeover bid for HSH[3].

trading volume[4]Pilgrim’s Pride is now offering $55 per share for Hillshire, valuing the company at $7.7 billion. That tops the $50 per share  bid for Hillshire made by Tyson Foods (TSN[5]), which values HSH at $6.8 billion. Hillshire has indicated that it is discussing both bids and providing information to Pilgrim’s Pride and Tyson Foods, Reuters notes.

On Monday, Hillshire Brands closed at $53.57 per share. Pilgrim’s Pride had originally offered $45 per share for Hillshire[6].

Last month, Hillshire announced that it would acquire frozen vegetables-maker[7] Pinnacle (PF[8]) for $6.6 billion.

Pilgrim’s Pride shares sank modestly in Tuesday morning trading, while TSN stock fell almost 1%.

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