Tiger Woods to Endorse MusclePharm Supplements

by Christopher Freeburn | June 18, 2014 3:51 pm

Golf champion Tiger Woods has inked an agreement[1] to promote MusclePharm (MSLP[2]) products. Word of the endorsement deal sent MSLP stock up more than 5% in over-the-counter trading on Wednesday afternoon.

Tiger Woods Chevron[3]
Source: Flickr[4]

Tiger Woods, who is currently recovering from an injury, will collaborate with MusclePharm to develop new products and will promote the brand by putting its logo on the bag he uses during competitions, ESPN notes.

There is no word on exactly when Tiger Woods will resume competitive play. Tiger Woods will also appear in advertisements to promote MusclePharm products.

A number of other athletes have endorsed MusclePharm products, including NFL players Eric Decker and Colin Kaepernick.

On Tuesday, MSLP stock closed at $11.30 per share.

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