Look to Go ‘Risk On’ as Alcoa Reports

by Jon Markman | July 8, 2014 2:14 pm

With several major Q2 corporate reports set for release this week, earnings season has come back into focus. The notable releases start with Alcoa (AA[1]) this evening and Wells Fargo (WFC[2]) on Friday, with the pace picking up next week.

The financial media are discussing the potential for upside risk to earnings, with Reuters highlighting recent strength in economic data and a positive skew to guidance. In other words, some pundits believe that investors are not optimistic enough going into earnings, and they will be caught flat-footed by not being exposed to enough risk.

Going into the rest of the week, I expect risk-taking to come back in a big way, led by the small-caps. One I like right now is A10 Technology (ATEN[3]). Shares of the app delivery control company slipped on Monday, but are still doing fine since I recommended them in late June[4]. Its service is crucial to companies like Netflix (NFLX[5]), so ATEN should have a very bright future ahead.

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