Burger King Gay Pride Whopper Stirs Controversy

by Karl Utermohlen | July 3, 2014 3:37 pm

The Gay Pride Whopper from Burger King (BKW[1]) has alienated some customers[2] who see the move as a marketing ploy.

Gay Pride Whopper[3]The controversial sandwich was seen by some as a classy move by Burger King that demonstrates the fast food chain’s support for LGBTQ rights. However, others believe that the restaurant created the Gay Pride Whopper with the sole purpose of selling burgers.

“Absolutely genius marketing ploy to get all the ignorant trailer trash to stay out of your restaurants,” said a user on Facebook. “Bye, bye, Burger King,” said another user. “Lost a 40 year customer, to make a political statement.”

Others have rallied in support of the Gay Pride Whopper and the burger chain, saying they appreciate the support. “I will make a point to eat at your restaurant more often now because of your support,” said a Facebook user.

BKW stock is up 0.96% Thursday afternoon.

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