FB News: Facebook Tests New ‘Buy’ Button

by William White | July 18, 2014 1:13 pm

Facebook (FB[1]) is testing a “Buy” button[2] that allows users to make purchases without ever leaving the social media website.

fb-facebook[3]The new Facebook feature allows customers to click a small Buy button that appears on ads shown on the website or app, the company said in a news release. When clicked, this button allows users to buy the product without ever visiting the company’s website.

Purchases can be made through Facebook with the use of debit and credit cards. Users have the option of using an already saved credit card or entering new information. Once the card’s information has been used to pay for the product, users can choose to have it saved for later, but they don’t have to.

Facebook’s Buy button is currently limited to a few small and medium-sized business on the website.

A similar button[4] started popping up for random Twitter (TWTR[5]) users earlier this month.

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