FB News: The New Way Facebook Is Pushing Videos on Users

by William White | July 8, 2014 1:22 pm

Facebook (FB[1]) has found a new way[2] to get users to watch more videos.

Source: ©iStock.com/bizoo_n

This new feature is a selection of recommended videos, much like what YouTube does, that show up after a video has been watched. The service currently only works with videos uploaded directly to the social media website and only when viewed in full screen mode on a mobile platform, reports TechCrunch.

Only a small group of people have been selected to test the new Facebook feature. As it stands, the social media website isn’t using ads as suggested videos. Instead, it recommends videos from the same person whose video was just watched and other users, TechCrunch notes.

This new Facebook feature could possible link up with the the company’s purchase of LiveRail[4], a video advertising company that it acquired for $500 million.

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