Consumers Are Feeling More Confident – Linkfest (Aug 8)

by Aaron Levitt | August 8, 2014 9:08 am

While the stock market is going through some growing pains, the world’s economy seems to be moving and grooving just fine. What some more evidence? Consumer confidence is going through the roof. Americans are more bullish about their prospects and are willing to spend. As a result, the main index tracking consumers’ confidence recently hit an eight-year high. Here’s Gregory Giroux at Bloomberg with the run down on July’s blowout number[1].

The Telegraph (Oliver Duggan): But consumer confidence isn’t just rising in the U.S. The Brits are even giddier[2].

Market Watch (Tomi Kilgore): Consumer discretionary stocks are certainly loving consumers’ new attitude. Earnings for the sector are on the rise[3].

ETF Trends (Staff): The best way to play consumer confidence? An equal-weight dictionary ETF[4].

Bespoke Investment Blog (Staff): Unemployment’s trending lower, too. Hooray for jobs[5]!

Valuewalk (Gary D. Halbert): Should we really be that thrilled with the latest consumer confidence numbers, though, or are we getting ahead of ourselves[6]?

Dana Lyons Tumblr (Dana Lyons): Emerging markets are finally looking good. Three years of pain was long enough[7].

Beyond BRICS (Jennifer Hughes): Malaysian Airlines calls it quits. Good call on their part[8].

Crossing Wall Street (Eddy Elfenbein): The investor’s guide to success: Buy high-quality companies that pay dividends, then just sit by the pool and relax[9].

Pando Daily (Michael Carney): Sorry, Brad Pitt … teenagers love Google’s (GOOG[10]) YouTube original stars more than Hollywood celebrities[11].

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