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Sanrio Reveals Hello Kitty Is NOT a Cat!

Except she is a cat


Sanrio, a Japanese toy maker, has claimed that Hello Kitty is not a cat.

Source: Wikipedia

Instead, Sanrio maintains that Hello Kitty is a little girl living outside of London. While the news seems like a shock to many, Sanrio has described Hello Kitty as a little girl since she was created in 1979, reports The Washington Post.

If Hello Kitty isn’t a cat, then what is she?

Well, it turns out that she is actually a cat. Hello Kitty may not walk on all fours like a normal cat, but she wouldn’t be the only cartoon critter not to do so. Kotaku writer Brian Ashcraft gives a fine example as to why the character is a cat by comparing her to Jiminy Cricket. Sure, Jiminy walks around on two legs and has a hat and umbrella, but does that not make him a cricket?

Ashcraft also asked Sanrio if it “would be going too far to say that Hello Kitty was not a cat?” A Sanrio spokesperson replied that “Yes, that would be going too far.”

While the cat controversy may seem solved at this point, many still took to Twitter (TWTR) to comment on the matter.

  • “Hello Kitty is still a cat I don’t care.”
  • “Hello Kitty is not a cat just as much as Pluto isn’t a planet because he’s a dog.”
  • “Hey has anyone thought to ask Hello Kitty what she herself identifies as?”
  • “All those dogs that chased Hello Kitty around must feel embarrassed.”
  • “Apparently some people are shocked to discover Hello Kitty isn’t a cat. SHE’S A DRAWING.”

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