Best Christmas Gifts for Mom in 2014

As you begin to make your 2014 Christmas shopping list, your mom had better be near the top.


After all, she was the one out shopping for and wrapping your gifts all those years you still believed a fat old man slid down the chimney to deliver them. And thinking outside of Christmas … she’s the reason you’re even here!

Of course, that also means a lot of pressure can come when gift shopping for your special old lady. You can’t just go grab a few random gifts for mom this Christmas — you need to make sure you’re snagging the very best gifts for mom.

To a large extent, the best gifts for mom will vary depending on your mom’s individual tastes, preferences and personality. That’s why we broke down our list of the best gifts for mom based on what exactly you’re looking to accomplish this gift-giving season.

Take a look!

Best Christmas Gifts for Mom: Sentimental


If you’re like me, holidays are all about getting sentimental. Forget something practical — I want something that will make the recipient cry … in a good way! If that’s what you’re going for this year, one of the best Christmas gifts simply has to be a thoughtful scrapbook.

There are plenty of ways to pull a scrapbook together — you could focus on highlights of the year that just passed, or take a trip all the way from childhood to present, for instance. Add in a few cheesy quotes, relevant song lyrics, folded up movie tickets, and boom — you have one of the best gifts for mom (and one that doesn’t break the bank!).

For inspiration, just browse your local craft store — which will be filled with fun papers, supplies and examples — or do a quick search on Pinterest. There you can find plenty of ideas that will tailor the scrapbook to your mom’s perfect personality, so you can bring those tears of joy on Christmas morning.

Best Christmas Gifts for Mom: Quality Time


Depending on how often you see your mother, one of the best Christmas gifts might be something as simple as a nice day together. I’m not saying this to be cheap — I’m just saying that sometimes, doing a fun activity with someone is far better than unwrapping a box. So, think of what your mom wants to do … and make it happen!

Some live music, perhaps? A day at the museums? One of those lovely wine and painting classes? The options are endless, and you can always find great deals and packages for two-person activities online.

Plus, quality time leads to quality memories. And who knows … maybe you can include it in a scrapbook next year! Then you’re lining up two straight years of some of the best Christmas gifts in one fell swoop!

Best Christmas Gifts for Mom: Delicious


A scrapbook might last forever and a nice day out with your mom might make memories that will last forever, but to be frank sometimes things that last are overrated. Exhibit A: Food.

One of the best Christmas gifts for mom is a break from all the hustle and bustle and cooking that naturally comes with the holidays. Depending on your mom’s personal preferences, a night in with a bottle of wine and some snacks might be a recipe for the perfect Christmas package. Or if she’s more of an out-on-the-town kind of lady, snag a gift card to her favorite restaurant and package it up with a thoughtful card.

New clothes and gadgets and other items are nice, but they’ll likely go out of style. Stuffing your face with delicious snacks, on the other hand, is one of the best Christmas gifts for any foodie out there.

And if you’ve got other ideas for great gifts for mom, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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