WATCH: Video of Bizarre Green Ribbon Worm Goes Viral

The video currently has over 380,000 views

By William White, InvestorPlace Writer

A YouTube video of a green ribbon worm has caught the internet’s interest.

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The video shows a large green ribbon worm slithering along concrete and then shooting its tongue out of its mouth. It’s tongue is very long and also moves across the concrete in an equally freaky fashion as the worm.

The weird worm video is titled “Mystery green “slime snake” caught on camera”. It has over 380,000 views and was posted on June 5. The description under the video claims the creature was found at a port in Taiwan.

The video’s description says that green ribbon worms can grow to 177 feet in length. Its tongue shoots from its mouth to wrap around its prey and it can also inject a venom into them.

Check out the weird green ribbon worm in the video below.

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