Buy These 4 Cyber Monday Stocks (AMZN, BBY, GME, PYPL)

4 Stocks to Buy on Cyber MondayIt’s a perfect day to click your way to profits.

Certain retailers are poised to impress in a big way.

Jump on your broker’s site now and add these names to your portfolio…

Who goes to the mall anymore?

The consumers that higher-end retailers are chasing this year are those who shop on Cyber Monday, not Black Friday.

Sure, discount chains were swamped on Black Friday with bargain hunters. But, for investors, bargains aren’t always the way to go.

For Cyber Monday (which by the way set a record for sales this year) look at the retailers that go beyond one-day sales and focus on the long-burn of holiday shopping.

Let’s find out who they are…

Buy These 4 Cyber Monday Stocks In order to find these hot names, you must pay attention to the retailers who are expecting to see a part of the estimated 22 percent increase in Internet sales this holiday season, which should total $1.7 billion.

In 2014, sales were up 20 percent online compared to 2013 over the holidays, and nobody expects fewer people to shop online this year.

Last year, for Cyber Monday alone, revenue was up 15.4 percent.

This year, though, forget about some of the names in Internet retailing that you’re used to hearing about for Cyber Monday…

Look, nobody buys flooring at Lumber Liquidators (LL) on Cyber Monday.

Nor do many buy online from Wal-Mart (WMT); they went to the store and packed the aisles (and threw punches) on Black Friday.

Instead, the bet this year from analysts is that savvy price-sensitive and tech-savvy shoppers who scanned all the newspaper circulars, the ads, and the emails know where the best online deals are.

Here are four to click on today…

Buy These 4 Cyber Monday Stocks Best Buy (BBY)

Since Best Buy (BBY) changed CEOs and revamped its stores, it’s been going strong.

In 2013, the company installed Hubert Joly as CEO. Among Joly’s big plans: to make the company one of the leading online destinations.

He did it. The company is now ranked No. 14 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 guide—a huge success for this retailer that was close to going the Circuit City route not long ago.

On Black Friday, Best Buy shares were up 1.31 percent, or 42 cents.

But the big success of Best Buy is that it’s not just playing online, it’s dominating electronics shopping on the ground, too.

Not only has Best Buy become one of the nation’s premiere mobile phone sellers, but it also has in-store Apple (AAPL) stores and carries Beats By Dr. Dre, one of the hottest products on the market right now.

Joly’s strategies are working. The stock looks like a strong buy going forward after seeing growth year-over-year since 2013.

The next name on our list won’t surprise you—and if it isn’t already in your portfolio, you might want to change that…

Buy These 4 Cyber Monday Stocks (AMZN)

Well, yeah… Amazon (AMZN) is the first place bargain hunters go to on Cyber Monday for deals.

It’s also been a consistent winner for stock pickers in 2015, as it has seen its stock grow all year, and is now trading near its all-time highs going into the holiday season.

The company’s market cap also makes it one of the largest companies to even play in the retail market—it’s now worth $317 billion.

Amazon put up big numbers on Thanksgiving, too. It’s been using its deals page to drive people to the biggest sales all weekend. It plans to do the same on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday aside, it’s easy to point to long-term trends with Amazon that make it a strong buy that seems to be improving as the economy picks up steam.

Next up: an unlikely Cyber Monday winner…

GameStop (GME)

Another unlikely Cyber Monday winner? How about GameStop (GME)?

Buy These 4 Cyber Monday StocksThere are two huge games coming out this holiday season, Star Wars Battlefront and the new Halo 5. Both are the biggest game launches of the year (heck, even the last two years).

Microsoft (MSFT) says its Halo 5 has become the most successful digital game of all time. In early November, the company reported that it saw $400 million in global sales of the game, and a lot of that was digital. Demand is still strong, as well.

Star Wars Battlefront is expected to be close behind. The new Star Wars film hits theaters soon and the game, though it hasn’t put down Halo-sized numbers, is expected to sell 13 million copies, and many of them will come from GameStop.


GameStop is also in the midst of strong demand for game consoles, which should boost its bottom line, as well.

Though GameStop shares have fallen, that could be an opportunity for those that believe in the power of The Force to produce sales and earnings for this retailer.

One more Cyber Monday stock to go…

4 Stocks to Buy on Cyber MondayPaypal (PYPL)

In the online world, sometime it’s not the retailers but the payment processors who hit it big.

This year, as online sales are expected to grow significantly, a lot of smart money is going to PayPal (PYPL), the company that pioneered online sales transactions.

PayPal was spun out of eBay (EBAY) this year with an IPO over the summer with a value of $46 billion. It hasn’t seen a huge increase since then.

Regardless, it’s the go-to payment for eBay, Etsy shops, and millions more for easy payment processing over the web.

If you believe in the power of Santa to improve the fortunes of retailers, look at who’s making the money on the money, and PayPal is still a leader.

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